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Question: Do you like to make things? Do you wish that you were more creative? Do you need to relax and meet new people?

If you answered yes then keep on reading.

Today I wanted to take the time to answer the most commonly asked questions about taking workshops with me.

I go over why I teach, what inspires me, who should work with me, and what I want my students to learn. Plus my furry assistant puts her two cents.


If you’ve tried crochet and not struggled, or know a bit about crochet but want to grow your knowledge or just try something new, check out Free Form Crochet, or Intro to Crochet, or wire crochet.

If you take photos for fun, for your business or for work, and wish that you knew more about how do edit them. Or you’re looking for the perfect program, but don’t want to spend a lot of money, check out my fun and easy digital photography workshop.

I also offer private lessons, where we can meet in person, or chat and learn through skype. No matter what there’s an option for you. So check your calendar and go sign up and learn something new.

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