Make an impact with Kiva

Make an impact

With each scarf that you purchase 10% of the proceeds go to one of three charities. This week’s feature charity is Kiva. While the money in kiva is just a loan, I never take it out, and instead continue to reinvest, funding new projects, changing more lives, providing hope, and making an impact. Thanks for being a part!


Here are two stories, where your money is making an impact TODAY.


43 year old Palestinian refugee, Hanaa was born and raised in a Palestinian refugee camp in North Lebanon. She lives with her husband and four children inside the camp where she and her husband work hard to provide their children with decent living conditions. Two of their children are still students whereas the others were employed together in a chocolate factory. Her husband, who is also Palestinian, uses his truck to sell fruits and vegetables in different areas of the camp.

In order to support her husband and family, Hanaa started her home based business in 2004, where she provides her clients with all kinds of sewing services. With more than ten years of experience, she has gained the trust and loyalty of her clients who like her honest work and personality. Always looking to increase her income sources, Hanaa also has a part-time job as a cleaning officer in a local organization.

Hanaa is asking for a 1,927,328 Lebanese pounds loan for the first time from field partner Ibdaa. She is planning to use the loan to equip herself with a new and modern sewing machine. The investment will allow her to provide better services to her loyal customers which will also increase her income from her home-based business. As such, she will be able to continue providing her family with improved living conditions despite the unstable socio-economic environment in which her children are growing up.


Porvenir De Viacha Group
In this Group: Marina, Maria Susana, Sonia Bertha, Ximena , Delia , Isidora , Juan Carlos , Yubitza
The communal bank “Porvenir de Viacha” will start its second loan cycle with Pro Mujer, in the Cascada central office. This group has 8 members and is led by a board of directors where Marina is the president. The members of this group have a variety of businesses including: beauty salon, stationery store, cell phone sales, the sewing of aprons, the sewing of traditional skirts, the sale of sausages with fried potatoes, and the sale of vegetables.

This loan will benefit these small business-people, including Marina. She states that she joined Pro Mujer a year ago at the invitation of a friend who is a client of the institution. At this time she has a business making braided rugs. She got to know this business by watching her friends. Seeing the extensive production they had, she decided to learn the technique of weaving so that she could use this as a source of work.

The loan that she is taking will be used to increase her capital (to buy fringe and yarn at wholesale). She will buy these items from the shops in the city of El Alto. Later, she will sell her items from her sales post. This way of working enables her to generate resources to support her family financially, as she is married and has 3 children.

When asked what she likes about Pro Mujer, she answered that she likes the training offered by the people at the institution.

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How to dress to meet with clients

You’re meeting with clients, busting down creative blocks, telling stories that make customer want to pull out their credit cards, and that make reporters thrilled to be working with you. You know that you have the brains, your a ninja with words, but you need your style to match. It needs to look professional , but also have personality. It needs to show a spark of creativity.

Media strategist style
Fall Fashion for the PR agent

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How do dress for Casual Friday

There’s something about having to get dressed for work every morning that I seem to struggle with, and I know that a lot of you do as well. You want to look good, professional, feel comfortable, and find a way to still express your personal style. Some mornings it seems like this task is easier said than done. Even on casual Friday’s it can be challenge to determine how to go casual, but still professional.

Casual Friday Style :
Dress up your favorite jeans and t-shirt with a scarf, blazer, and bold shoes. Taking your Saturday favorite, and turning it into something that you can wear to work.

Dress up jeans and a t-shirt, with a scarf and blazer

Going to work or going to the Theater this look will take you there.

Going to the theater

While it’s likely that you won’t ever catch me at beer tasting, I’ll take the wine. This is a great for any kind of weekend tasting.

Craft Beer tasting outfit
Date night style
Ladies night out

Elbow sleeve tee

Calvin Klein jeans

Sole Society short boots

Hoop earrings

Kane infinity scarf


Casual Chic for fall
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Layers for fall, permission to wear a dress with jeans.

When I was young my mom taught at a mennonite school, and the winter all of the girls wore pants under their dresses to stay warm. I was  against the style decision and swore that you would never see in me a dress and pants… now it’s one of my go to looks. It’s a great way to look a bit dressed up, but still be super comfortable, and not have to worry, what will happen when the wind blows too strong as you walk down the streets.


How to wear a dress over jeans
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How to wear an extra long scarf

While working at the shop yesterday a women came in, and was looking at some of the extra long handwoven scarves hanging on the wall. She said that she had a few super long scarves at home, but could never figure out how to actually wear them.

There are lot’s of fun things that you can do, and in the video below I”ll get you started with two fun ways.



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How to Wear a Scarf from amber kane on Vimeo.

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When it’s okay to wear yoga pants

Because I know your guilty pleasure is living in yoga pants and giant sweaters, I created these sassy/ playful leggings that look so good that you no one will guess that they’re what you wore to bed last night. These digitally printed leggings will easily move with you, wherever your day dreams lead.


guilty pleasure

You’ll love wearing this look to coffee dates, creative meetings and everything in between. Leggings are made from polyester and spandex, making them perfectly soft and made to move with you no matter what you do.

yoga style

With every scarf that you purchase, you’re helping to end bullying in schools…. aka spreading kindness and compassion

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