There is never a right time, except for now

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There is never a right time

There is never a right time to get married, quit a job, start a new job, buy a house, sell a house.

There is never a right time to start a business or go on vacation

There is not a correct order to do things, in fact you will rarely be able to do one thing at a time. It is much more likely that it will all happen at once.

Your dream job just might become a nightmare

You will meet the man of your dreams at the exact time that you stop dreaming

You will find your voice, use your voice, and lose your voice…

                                                please make the choice to find it again.

You will rise and fall , rise and be pushed back down, and you will rise again

You will break into a million pieces and return more whole than before

You will want to leave, but choose to stay.

You will want to stay, but be forced to leave.

You will learn that failure is a close partner to success.

You will understand that discomfort must become the new comfort.

You will hurt, and cry,  break, and question…

                              you will not always get the answers that you want.

You will get the job and quit the job.

The road to freedom will be longer and steeper than you wanted,

                                                                           you’ll climb it anyway.

You will surprise yourself if and only if you give up control

You will make mistakes, you will recover

You will put it all on the line in an attempt to feel alive and free.

You will realize that you stayed longer than you should have.

You will look back and see you losing yourself playing in slow motion, and you will say, never again.

You will survive



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Spa Day Event: Essential Oils Workshop

You spend your days doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, running kids from here to there, feeling exhausted and never really having time for yourself, let alone to take care of yourself.

You’re a mom

You’re busy

But sometimes, even you need a break. On April 19th from 2-4 ish , we’re celebrating moms, and even if you don’t have kids, we’re celebrating you, because mother daughter relationships come in all shapes and sizes.

Spend your afternoon, sitting ( I know you don’t get to do that very often) , creating, talking, relaxing.

Here’s what we’re going to do:

You’ll receive instructions and supplies to make any two of the following ( you’re welcome to make more… people usually do, but you’ll need to pay an extra fee)

Using your choice of essential oils ( we’ll help you choose the one that is best for you) , You can make your own blend of bath salts, sugar scrubs ( I love these) or body oil.

Who can come? This is a day for the ladies, but we don’t care about your age, so girls, women, ladies, we’d love to spend the afternoon with you.

Not sure what essentail oils are?


When: April 19th 2-4 is pm

Where: 154 N Prince St, Lancaster Pa 17603

Who: Women

What: A day of relaxing, creating, and socializing

Space is limited ( sorry) , so please purchase your ticket ahead of time. A week before the event you’ll receive a reminder email with more specific information about parking.

Buy this on Selz
Selz powering ecommerce websites

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Sneak Peek of what you’ll find at Amber Kane and Mio Studio in Lancaster, Pa

The downside of doing a craft show, is that the gallery has to shut down, I”m just never able to make enough work to have it both places at the same time. The upside, is that it’s always fun to move back into the empty space and see it come back to life.


We greatly appreciate all of our customers support and understanding when we have to run the gallery on limited hours. The good news is, we are open and filled with a lot of new and amazing work.

Tour of the gallery. Lots of new great work for you and your home. A video posted by Amber Kane (@amberkanescarves) on

amber kane and mio studio, jewelry, textiles,  scarves, table runners










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American Craft Council show part 2: craft show planning


Click for you FREE copy of the craft show packing list


You’ve probably walked a few shows, and felt intimidated. You look at the work, the booth set up, the promotional materials, and packaging, and feel like you would have no idea where to start.

Even if you don’t have a show on your schedule, go ahead and join me in the process of creating a production schedule, it’s a good practice no matter what. Choose an end date, decide how much work you would  like to have created by that point and go through the process.

Below I’m giving you a snapshot of one of my production weeks. You’ll see that I’m really not getting much weaving done this week. When I create my production schedule, I also look at everything else that is already scheduled, and work to create something that I know I can actually make happen. You MUST be realistic when making a production schedule or you won’t follow it.

I’ve also put together a 20 page craft show guide, which you can get by clicking on the image below.

craft show planning guide


Weaving all white on this wonderful winter white day. #accprep

A photo posted by Amber Kane (@amberkanescarves) on

Weaving all white on this wonderful winter white day. #accprep

A photo posted by Amber Kane (@amberkanescarves) on

Lots and lots of new tags just arrived….. just in time for lots of new work. #accprep

A photo posted by Amber Kane (@amberkanescarves) on

This is on the loom right now and let me tell you..it’s pretty awesome. #accprep

A photo posted by Amber Kane (@amberkanescarves) on

Making magic happen in the studio. #accprep

A video posted by Amber Kane (@amberkanescarves) on

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FREE Workshop: How to prepare for a craft show , Part 1

video one getting ready for a craft show from louise kane on Vimeo.


When I first started doing craft shows, I just wanted someone to tell me what to do.






Now that I’ve been doing shows for several years, I’m creating for you exactly what I wished I had when I started. After watching the video above, leave a comment below asking me all of your craft show questions. And grab yourself a copy of my  master craft show packing list.

craft show packing list

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What to buy your wife for Valentines Day

This one is for the guys, for the husbands and boyfriends.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Valentines Day, ( I’m sure you aren’t either). And in all honesty I don’t expect anything from my husband ( no, I don’t have time to convince your wife to have the same feelings about v-day as I do)

I know you’re thinking, that I say I don’t care about Valentines day, and then get really mad and upset when my man doesn’t do anything. False. He usually does cook me an awesome dinner, but he does that on a pretty regular basis. However, I’ve discovered that I’m not the norm, and most women, girlfriends, wives, want you to acknowledge Valentines Day… well maybe do a bit more than acknowledge it.


A few things not to get:

  • - a box of chocolates ( unless it’s some really awesome chocolate, and a small box) While most women love chocolate, we try to keep from binge eating it… and when you hand me a whole box, just for me, nothing good ends up happening.
  • - Stuffed animals, no grown women wants a stuffed animal, no matter how cute it is, she doesn’t want it.
  • - Heart shaped jewelry.. NO. NO . AND NO. Go ahead and get her an awesome piece of jewelry, but ditch the we’re still in elementary school heart shaped deal. It screams, I had no clue what to get you.
  • And no to the lingerie… really ,that is you buying a gift for you. And it’s you opening a dangerous door. Things aren’t going to go well if she tries it on and it’s too big, also not going to go well if she tries it on and it’s too small… and not going to go well if whatever you purchased makes her feel uncomfortable.

Ok, now that I just ruined all of your ideas

Jewelry is a good choice, but like I said no hearts…. Click on the image to purchase, as well as to see more jewelry ideas.

what to buy your wife for valentines day


Next idea, scarves are an awesome way for women to add some style and color to their look, but don’t pick them up a scarf at Walmart or Target, and I’m not just saying that because I make them. You’ll get major bonus points for getting a unique scarf… which means that you put some thought into the purchase.

Click the scarf image to go to the scarf shop

What to buy your wife for valentines day


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What to wear to Alt Summit this year

You signed up, booked your flight and hotel and ready to head to Alt Summit….. Now you figure out what you’re going to wear. You’re going to be networking, meeting new people, making connections. You want to make an impact with your clothes, but you also want to be comfortable.
Here are three great looks.
What to wear to Alt Summit: the women who loves black
Casual Chic style for Alt Summit
How to make a statement in jeans
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You have permission

you have permission

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