What to buy your wife for Valentines Day

This one is for the guys, for the husbands and boyfriends.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Valentines Day, ( I’m sure you aren’t either). And in all honesty I don’t expect anything from my husband ( no, I don’t have time to convince your wife to have the same feelings about v-day as I do)

I know you’re thinking, that I say I don’t care about Valentines day, and then get really mad and upset when my man doesn’t do anything. False. He usually does cook me an awesome dinner, but he does that on a pretty regular basis. However, I’ve discovered that I’m not the norm, and most women, girlfriends, wives, want you to acknowledge Valentines Day… well maybe do a bit more than acknowledge it.


A few things not to get:

  • - a box of chocolates ( unless it’s some really awesome chocolate, and a small box) While most women love chocolate, we try to keep from binge eating it… and when you hand me a whole box, just for me, nothing good ends up happening.
  • - Stuffed animals, no grown women wants a stuffed animal, no matter how cute it is, she doesn’t want it.
  • - Heart shaped jewelry.. NO. NO . AND NO. Go ahead and get her an awesome piece of jewelry, but ditch the we’re still in elementary school heart shaped deal. It screams, I had no clue what to get you.
  • And no to the lingerie… really ,that is you buying a gift for you. And it’s you opening a dangerous door. Things aren’t going to go well if she tries it on and it’s too big, also not going to go well if she tries it on and it’s too small… and not going to go well if whatever you purchased makes her feel uncomfortable.

Ok, now that I just ruined all of your ideas

Jewelry is a good choice, but like I said no hearts…. Click on the image to purchase, as well as to see more jewelry ideas.

what to buy your wife for valentines day


Next idea, scarves are an awesome way for women to add some style and color to their look, but don’t pick them up a scarf at Walmart or Target, and I’m not just saying that because I make them. You’ll get major bonus points for getting a unique scarf… which means that you put some thought into the purchase.

Click the scarf image to go to the scarf shop

What to buy your wife for valentines day


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What to wear to Alt Summit this year

You signed up, booked your flight and hotel and ready to head to Alt Summit….. Now you figure out what you’re going to wear. You’re going to be networking, meeting new people, making connections. You want to make an impact with your clothes, but you also want to be comfortable.
Here are three great looks.
What to wear to Alt Summit: the women who loves black
Casual Chic style for Alt Summit
How to make a statement in jeans
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You have permission

you have permission

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Why I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions

daily resolutions

I’ve never been one to make new year’s resolutions, for a long time I skipped them simply because everyone else was doing them.. I don’t do trendy.


Now I pass on the resolution because I don’t know what I will need a year from now, so much can happen in a year if you’re willing to let it. Most of the time I need courage and grace, and I don’t make it a resolution because I’m human, and already know that some days I will fail .


There will be days that both courage and grace escape me.



And on those days where I’m already down, when I’ve lost my courage, and I’ve stopped having grace for myself and others, I don’t need to also add to the list… broke resolution, because that mindset just pushes down deeper, and has nothing to do with courage or grace, and everything to do with fear and limitation.

So instead of making a new year’s resolution, I will make a new resolution each day. To wake up, be thankful, be courageous, and both graceful and filled with grace.


What will be your daily resolution?


tips on making daily resolutions

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3 Outfit ideas for New Years

3 outfits for the holidays


This time of year you have parties, meetings, and gatherings to attend that require different style than what you already have in your closet. Here are 3 funs ways to dress up for New Years.



New years eve party style
New Years eve party style
New Year's party

what to wear to a new year's eve party



click below to take home one of the featured scarves

_DSC0022-002 _DSC0031-002 _DSC0049-002



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10 Outfit ideas for the Holidays


New Years Eve Party Fashion
Red and black holiday style
Holiday Party
Going to the theater
Magazine Editor
casual and fancy all in one
Pretty women
Fashion forward
golden girl
running errands
what to wear for the holidays
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One simple way to makeover your closet in 2015

how to wear a scarf amberkane.com

Every Friday we have dress down at work, which usually means that I wear jeans, some kind of top and  a scarf, however a few weeks ago, I left the scarf out of the mix.

My students wondered if I overslept, not the most flattering thing to be asked. They said that I usually look so fancy, and stylish.

The only difference was that I didn’t have one of my scarves on. Even if I had overslept, I could have still looked fancy, and so can you. It takes just a few seconds to go from boring to fancy.

I hear you grumbling, you’re thinking that I”ve never seen you try to put a scarf on. Watch the video below for a super easy way to wear a scarf, that even you can handle. Note to get the results that you see in the video, you do need an extra wide scarf.


Stand in Front of a Crowd style
New Years Eve Party Fashion
How to dress up boyfriend jeans

one scarf , three ways

one scarf, three ways by amber kane

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Hot Cocoa Tasting Party

As a child, I anticipated Christmas with great excitement, and eagerly awoke Christmas morning to have breakfast, banana bread and hot cocoa, with my family.


As a young adult, Christmas meant, a break from  school, and a family ski trip. While I was no longer eager to wake up early, I still looked forward to the breakfast of banana bread and hot cocoa.


With many changes taking place this year, Christmas morning will once again look different. Instead I’m excited for a morning where no alarm clock goes off, where I CAN and WILL  sleep in. It means a day of doing whatever I want. And while there may be no banana bread ( that one is up to my husband) there will be hot coco ( that is one of the few things that I will take the time to make) .

Hot chocolate meant that it was Christmas

It meant that there was snow on the ground

Hot cocoa meant that it was a snow day or that it was time go skiing

It meant that my brother and I just spent all day sledding, and were now tired and freezing


Hot Chocolate carries with it good memories, and only good memories. It brings  comfort, and the scent billowing from the kitchen stove is calming and soothing. It’s perfection.


This time of year we could all use some calm and comfort in our lives.

C A S C A D E (2)

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