Welcome to the Secret Shop, Do you want the key?


While you’re waiting for the key to arrive in your inbox, here’s a bit of the story behind why I locked the shop.

I started making scarves because I couldn’t keep them inside anymore.

I started selling them, because people like you kept trying to buy them off of my shoulders.

Author and Illustrator Pat Buckley Moss , took one off of my neck, wrote a check, and headed to dinner.

The scarves are armor for you. Your scarf will make you feel more confident, beautiful, and will go with you on your journey to greatness.

Since it doesn’t work well to always have people buying the “scarf off my back”, you can know find your prefect scarf in the secret shop.

Yup, you need a special code to go into the shop.

You’re probably wondering, why the secret scarf shop?  I admit for a brief moment I too thought that I might be losing my mind. Really, who restricts access to their shop? Then I remembered my dream of uncovering secret spaces, and knew that I didn’t have a choice.

Growing up there was a tiny door in one of the bedrooms of my grandmother’s house, we were always told that we were not allowed to open that door, and surprisingly I listened. I never saw what was behind the door, but I imagined. There were many wonderful worlds just beyond that tiny door.

I read the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and began to dream that perhaps if I found the right closet I too, could be transported to Narnia , oh how wonderful that would be.

My mom took us to visit a Gnome Village, while I was under 5 years of age, I still have faint memories of the magic of the place. This led my brother and I to believe that gnomes lived in a tree in our backyard.

Are you noticing a theme. I love secret spaces, and I’m pretty sure that you do too.

When my husband and I started looking for houses, I would pretend that we would buy one and then discover a secret tunnel that led to another space. A space filled with wonderful furniture, luscious clothing, books, diaries, and enough money for us to travel the world. We bought a house, and shortly after discovered that there were hardwood floors covered by the beige carpet. With great excitement I began to pull the edges of the carpet back.

Then, I saw it. A small space where the floor boards were cut, it looked like they could be removed. Ahh, my dream was coming true, this was going to lead to a secret space. I wiggeled and giggeled those boards until I could move them and expose the opening in the floor.

It led to the basement.



                                                                                                it was fun for a moment.

As I sat and dreamt of uncovering secret spaces, I began to think about how I could create more of a magical space for you. In my dreams I own a shop, with secret layer upon secret layer. And with each tunnel, and slide that you go through you’re  welcomed to a new world, and new scarves. Really I wish that I could bring you inside of my head, because it’s pretty darn cool.

At the moment, I don’t own a space with all kinds of secret tunnels and slides, but I do own an online shop, and I want to make it magical. So the first step was to make it secret. To make a space for only those that truly love everything that’s inside.

So welcome to the secret scarf shop. I’ll see you inside.


I want the key

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Maker of scarves that transform everything in your closet and stellar daydreamer. Ask me for the key to the secret shop.

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2 comments for “Welcome to the Secret Shop, Do you want the key?

  1. April 18, 2014 at 10:52 pm

    Oooohhhhh…..secrets can be very juicy! I want in!

  2. amberkanescarves
    April 19, 2014 at 7:19 am

    Hey Sarah, If you haven’t already, sign up here, and I”ll send you the key: http://eepurl.com/QuVgf

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