10 Outfit ideas for the Holidays


New Years Eve Party Fashion
Red and black holiday style
Holiday Party
Going to the theater
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what to wear for the holidays
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One simple way to makeover your closet in 2015

how to wear a scarf amberkane.com

Every Friday we have dress down at work, which usually means that I wear jeans, some kind of top and  a scarf, however a few weeks ago, I left the scarf out of the mix.

My students wondered if I overslept, not the most flattering thing to be asked. They said that I usually look so fancy, and stylish.

The only difference was that I didn’t have one of my scarves on. Even if I had overslept, I could have still looked fancy, and so can you. It takes just a few seconds to go from boring to fancy.

I hear you grumbling, you’re thinking that I”ve never seen you try to put a scarf on. Watch the video below for a super easy way to wear a scarf, that even you can handle. Note to get the results that you see in the video, you do need an extra wide scarf.


Stand in Front of a Crowd style
New Years Eve Party Fashion
How to dress up boyfriend jeans

one scarf , three ways

one scarf, three ways by amber kane

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Hot Cocoa Tasting Party

As a child, I anticipated Christmas with great excitement, and eagerly awoke Christmas morning to have breakfast, banana bread and hot cocoa, with my family.


As a young adult, Christmas meant, a break from  school, and a family ski trip. While I was no longer eager to wake up early, I still looked forward to the breakfast of banana bread and hot cocoa.


With many changes taking place this year, Christmas morning will once again look different. Instead I’m excited for a morning where no alarm clock goes off, where I CAN and WILL  sleep in. It means a day of doing whatever I want. And while there may be no banana bread ( that one is up to my husband) there will be hot coco ( that is one of the few things that I will take the time to make) .

Hot chocolate meant that it was Christmas

It meant that there was snow on the ground

Hot cocoa meant that it was a snow day or that it was time go skiing

It meant that my brother and I just spent all day sledding, and were now tired and freezing


Hot Chocolate carries with it good memories, and only good memories. It brings  comfort, and the scent billowing from the kitchen stove is calming and soothing. It’s perfection.


This time of year we could all use some calm and comfort in our lives.

C A S C A D E (2)

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A gift guide for writers, readers, and yoga lovers.

gift guide

If you’re like me, you’re noticing that Christmas isn’t that far away , and are realizing that you’ve barely started your shopping. This seems to happen every year, even though I have the best of intentions to start shopping early, I”m sure that you do too.

Here’s to making your life easier. A Gift Guide for the writer, the reader, and the yoga lover in your life. !


The Truth Bomb Deck by Danielle Laporte is not only beautiful , but it’s a great way to give a friend some words of inspiration each morning as they start their day.


While I love technology as much as the next person, there is something magical that happens when you put pen to paper. T


This journal is great for the women that has a lot going on, and needs to slow down and breath one and awhile. Each page has a small prompt to help get the creative juices flowing.

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How to add a scarf to your outfit over the holidays

You have events, parties and meetings to attend, you need to look good, you need to make a statement, but you also need to find a way to stay warm while doing all of the above. As a women, this can be easier said than done.

Scarves are a great way to make a simple outfit a showstopper, and a way to both look good and stay warm during the winter.

amber kane handwoven scarves

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3 Must have looks for the Holiday Season

Red and black holiday style
While I love the holidays, I’ve never been much of a fan of the red and green color screen, perhaps it’s the artist in me and the fact that Christmas Red and Green scream, ” straight out of the tube.” If you’re not an artist I’ve probably lost you. This my version of holiday red and green. So much better, don’t you agree?
Black and Gold for the holidays
Who says that you can’t be both warm and look awesome at a holiday party this year, this girl. No need to freeze while you make you way from the car to the front door of the party.
Holiday Party
For those of you that are looking to get fancy this holiday season, but want to stay true to your love for everything black, this look is for you. If you’re going to wear all one color, than play with different textures, like in this look. And if you must, this look will still work with black shoes and a black clutch.
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You can’t break through the glass ceiling without getting cut



Once you let go, you have no idea where you will go.


Most of us like to be in control of our lives, we like to know what is going to come next.

What the next bill will be.

Where the next paycheck will come from, and how many zeros it will have.

We like to know what’s going to happen each day, each week, each year.


In an effort to take control, to be in charge, we leave little to no room in our lives for magic.


About a month ago my husband and I put an offer in on a house, one that would free us from a mortgage payment, but  would also trigger a huge amount of change in our lives. We offered $12,000 less than they were asking, my husband assumed that we would never get the house……. and then we did.


And at the exact moment that I signed my name to the biggest check I’ve ever written in my life, the cords were cut, and there was not going back.


The decision was like standing at the top of a mountain and finally pushing the ball over the edge, letting it roll, not knowing where it would go, or how fast it move. Knowing the only guarantee was forward movement aka change.


A week after making our new home purchase, we put our current house up for sale. We put it on the market before it was ready, because that’s how I do things, and because we weren’t sure that it would get a lot of traction. And now after being on the market for one week, we’ve already had 4 showings, and one offer. This ball is moving much faster than we thought.


We started before we were ready, because it was clear, that was the only way that we would ever get ready.


We started before we were ready, because we aren’t sure what the end destination is, and while we aren’t making these choices blindly or lightly, there is too much that we cannot control, or predict.

We have to decide each morning to step forward.

We have to step forward even though fear creeps in.

We have to step forward despite the discomfort, the unknown, and the fear.


I once heard someone say there’s a reason that great change and great success are called “ breaking through the glass ceiling, you can’t make great change and impact without getting cut.”


While there are both mental and physical bruises ( I felt a need to move all of the furniture in the house by myself) I have faith that the reward will far outweigh the pain.

What have is holding you back, and what is one step that you can take to moving forward?


Want to take a leap yourself? One book that helped to change my thinking about decision making was The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte.

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Make an impact with Kiva

Make an impact

With each scarf that you purchase 10% of the proceeds go to one of three charities. This week’s feature charity is Kiva. While the money in kiva is just a loan, I never take it out, and instead continue to reinvest, funding new projects, changing more lives, providing hope, and making an impact. Thanks for being a part!


Here are two stories, where your money is making an impact TODAY.


43 year old Palestinian refugee, Hanaa was born and raised in a Palestinian refugee camp in North Lebanon. She lives with her husband and four children inside the camp where she and her husband work hard to provide their children with decent living conditions. Two of their children are still students whereas the others were employed together in a chocolate factory. Her husband, who is also Palestinian, uses his truck to sell fruits and vegetables in different areas of the camp.

In order to support her husband and family, Hanaa started her home based business in 2004, where she provides her clients with all kinds of sewing services. With more than ten years of experience, she has gained the trust and loyalty of her clients who like her honest work and personality. Always looking to increase her income sources, Hanaa also has a part-time job as a cleaning officer in a local organization.

Hanaa is asking for a 1,927,328 Lebanese pounds loan for the first time from field partner Ibdaa. She is planning to use the loan to equip herself with a new and modern sewing machine. The investment will allow her to provide better services to her loyal customers which will also increase her income from her home-based business. As such, she will be able to continue providing her family with improved living conditions despite the unstable socio-economic environment in which her children are growing up.


Porvenir De Viacha Group
In this Group: Marina, Maria Susana, Sonia Bertha, Ximena , Delia , Isidora , Juan Carlos , Yubitza
The communal bank “Porvenir de Viacha” will start its second loan cycle with Pro Mujer, in the Cascada central office. This group has 8 members and is led by a board of directors where Marina is the president. The members of this group have a variety of businesses including: beauty salon, stationery store, cell phone sales, the sewing of aprons, the sewing of traditional skirts, the sale of sausages with fried potatoes, and the sale of vegetables.

This loan will benefit these small business-people, including Marina. She states that she joined Pro Mujer a year ago at the invitation of a friend who is a client of the institution. At this time she has a business making braided rugs. She got to know this business by watching her friends. Seeing the extensive production they had, she decided to learn the technique of weaving so that she could use this as a source of work.

The loan that she is taking will be used to increase her capital (to buy fringe and yarn at wholesale). She will buy these items from the shops in the city of El Alto. Later, she will sell her items from her sales post. This way of working enables her to generate resources to support her family financially, as she is married and has 3 children.

When asked what she likes about Pro Mujer, she answered that she likes the training offered by the people at the institution.

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