You need to know: Changes are coming

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The Creative Class

I want to be straight with you, I’m making some changes, they’re good and exciting, but it’s going to alter what you see happening on this blog, so I want to clue you in.

As you’ve probably noticed, I love scarves and designing, but I”m also really interested in creativity and education. After thinking and not doing for far too long, I finally launched another site that is going to focus on creativity and education. will now focus more on style and design.

But if you’re interested in creativity, education, and classes that I offer, get on the mailing list for theundstandardizedstandard.

I’m excited about this new adventure and branch of my business. And am looking forward to sharing my education side with everyone in a much more open and public way than I’ve ever done before.

My degree in Art Education is what introduced me to weaving, and my coworkers are what made me decide to start my scarf business, so it only seems fitting to now allow the scarves to introduce my creativity education site and business.

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