Black Friday Sale Coming

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Time seems to be going faster, my husband, lovely says it means that I”m getting older, but I think it’s because I’m not in the public school system anymore , where getting to Thanksgiving break is such a focus that it seems to take forever to get there. 

Yesterday, I was busy creating the holiday window at the shop, I should have had a camera set up, as I sat on top of the deer , trying to balance him, as I dressed him in his red sweater and scarf. Halfway through the process his head fall off.

All this to say, I”ve realized that the holidays are just around the corner. It’s one of my favorite times of year for a variety of reason. 

  • 1. Time off from work
  • 2. Time with Family
  • 3. Seeing twinkling lights as I walk down the street
  • 4. I love sending packages to people

It’s also the time of year when I offer my biggest sale. I’ll be working out the details over the next few days and I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop. The most important thing to know now is that there will be an amazing Black Friday sale. To be sure that you receive the discount code, and so that you’re able to access the sale before everyone else. Click and become a VIP ( it’s FREE) 

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Wrap yourself in fall

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If you love fall, then you need this scarf, because it's basically fall woven into a scarf. #foreveroctober

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How to find your Balance Points

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You put something on, hate it, take it off, but have no clue why you don’t like it. One reason that some things work and others don’t , it how they work with the natural proportions of your body. In the video below I’m going to teach you how to find one of your two balance points, and discuss how to use that information to guide your buying and dressing decisions.

balance point 1 from amber kane on Vimeo.


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The Things that Coffee Can’t Fix

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“ Listening to your heart is not simple. Finding out who you are is not simple. It takes a lot of hard work and courage to get to know who you are and what you want.” Sue Bender

Drink another cup of coffee, yes more coffee that will fix everything. That’s what I kept telling my tired body, and while I drank  A LOT  of coffee , it seemed like my weariness was deeper than what the caffeine could reach, and so I had to push back the voice that just kept saying, why not try a stronger cup of coffee , why not drink the one labeled dark magic , and instead listen to the one saying, stop.


Over the last year I pushed and pushed fighting to get out of a position that was shrinking my soul and reaching for freedom. During the fight for freedom, I taught full time while teaching online part time, running a gallery, and picking up occasional photography jobs. Sold a house, bought and renovated a house ( this part is still in progress). I quit a job, and got a new one, through all of this , never skipping a beat.


In our culture we celebrate hard work, never taking the time to acknowledge that in order to work hard , and work hard well, we also need to rest hard.


I walked out of my classroom where I’d taught for 8 years. It was a bittersweet departure, because I love teaching, but so strongly disagree with the public school system that I felt I had no other choice than to walk away. For so long my identity was tied to my profession, teacher, and without knowing it, as I handed in my resignation letter, I felt like I was also handing in my identity, and no one was standing behind me handing out a new one.


When I say that I didn’t give myself time to grieve, I mean that I walked out of my classroom  and drove straight to the moving truck rental shop, drove home, packed the truck, and moved to a new a town, where I started a new job the following day.


While all of the above is exhausting in and of itself, what really got me, was the emotional toll. I was so busy making plans, moving forward and checking things off of my to-do list, that I wasn’t taking time to process my feelings. I convinced myself that everything that I was doing was “normal”, and didn’t need any special attention.


Then there were conversations, where I told others what was going on in my life, they looked at me, seemingly in awe that my clothes matched, and I was able to put one foot in front of the other. During these conversations, I began to understand that the tiredness that I was feeling couldn’t be fixed with any amount of sleep or coffee. It could only be fixed with slowing down, processing, and grieving the life that I left behind.


What I’ve learned , is that one way or another, our body, will break. The only choice that we have, is will we choose to take the time to make the space for it to break, or will we fight it until seemingly out of the blue we fall apart, we lose our energy,motivation, and lose control.


After flooding a bathroom, because I forget to turn the sink off, leaving the stove burner on for hours, and laying in bed laughing at absolutely nothing, I slowed down. I forgave myself for not being productive at all times, allowed myself to watch far too many episodes of Graceland on Netflix in a row, and I began to write about how I was feeling. I allowed myself to be scared, tired, and sad, knowing that I had to go through this valley if I was ever going to get to the other side. I realized that I was/am on a journey to rediscovering myself, and it’s going to be a steeper hill to climb than I’d first imagined.


“ We arrive in this world with birthright gifts- then we spend the first half of our lives abandoning them or letting others disabuse us of them. As young people, we are surrounded by expectations that may have little to do with who we really are, expectations held by people who are not trying to discern our selfhood but to fit us into slots. In families, schools, workplaces, and religious communities, we  are trained away from true self toward images of acceptability; under social pressures like racism and sexism our original shape is deformed beyond recognition; and we ourselves, driven by fear, too often betray true self to gain the approval of others.” Parker J. Palmer


While working for the school system I knew that I was losing myself, but had no idea just how much until the day that I walked away. I didn’t realize it fully because it happened slowly, almost behind my back.


Over the years, I became afraid, gave up, and lost my voice. I was programmed and threatened into keeping my mouth shut. I grew to doubt to myself, my ideas, and my actions. Walking away from the system that made me feel this way, didn’t mean that all of the brokenness would suddenly fall away. ( that’s what I hoped would happen) Instead it meant that I had a lot of work to do, of rebuilding, reopening, and rediscovering.


Have you lost yourself, your voice, your vision? It’s time to take it back!

Life is too precious to spend it writing tame, conventional stories to which you have no personal attachment.” —Tom Spanbauer

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How to Find your Perfect Style

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I changed my outfit three times this morning, and I mean I changed everything. I started with a pencil skirt, and fun graphic T. That just wasn’t working for me, so I tried a different top, then switched into a different skirt, which again, needed a different top. Finally settling on a completely different skirt and top. I was thrilled that I was able to make all of the changes without also having to switch underwear.

Sally Ricker wearing Amber Kane Scarf

When I”m going through this serious of outfit switches my husband often looks at me and wonders what was wrong with the first thing that I had on.  Everything has to work, the clothes, the hair, accessories and shoes, and I don’t view myself as a vein person. But I like to feel good, and I feel good when I look good. 

The truth is, there is a reason, and a bit of a science behind, why some things “just don’t look right.” It really comes down to proportions. What we put on, is all about showing off , hiding, and manipulating proportions, and that’s an art. 

When I get dressed in the morning, I think about it the same way that I think about painting a painting or weaving a scarf. I think about the composition, the contrast, the movement. Once you understand why something does or doesn’t work on your body it’s much easier to dress yourself, and to buy the right clothes for your body. You’re able to answer, why something just didn’t work. 

My first outfit didn’t work, because the neckline of the shirt that I put on , called for my hair to be down, but my hair was out of control, and to be pulled back. I could go on and explain why some of the other outfits just weren’t right, but I think that you get the point. 

Mark your calendar because on Sunday Oct 4th myself and the LOFT at Park City are getting together to put on a special style event just for you.


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How to be the best gift giver

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Giving a thoughtful gift is fun, but it also takes some planning, and let’s face it, your busy, and all too often you plan to shop ahead of time, and then you realize that the wedding, shower, graduation, is one day away and you haven’t bought anything.

Growing up my grandmother always had a drawer in her house that was filled with gifts, it was one of my favorite places to snoop. I”m assuming that it also made her life easier, as she always had gifts on hand, I’ve started doing the same thing , and it’s made both shopping and gift giving much more fun. I”m no longer running out to grab gifts last minute, and I want to make your life and gift giving easier as well.


I”ve put together a special package deal for you, to help make your gift giving easier this year. Here’s what it includes.

1. Silk Scarf

Audrey Hepburn once said, ‘When I wear a silk scarf I never feel so definitely like a woman, a beautiful woman.’

This is the perfect scarf to throw in your bag for all of your summer adventures. 

Wrap it around your neck when there’s a cool breeze. 

Add it to any outfit and look like you just stepped out of a Parisian photo shot. 

Wear it as a head scarf, and turn your bad hair day around in seconds. 

The scarf is a digital print created from one of my paintings. This scarf is small and light weight, making it a perfect accessory to add a pop of  color, cover up the coffee that you spilled on your shirt on the way to work, and to make you feel beautiful, even when your just in jeans and t-shirt.

Two of the black and White Abstract dreams pillows, size 16″x16″

And one Handwoven cotton scarf.

Worth $359.00, but if you snag the package deal it’s only $279. But don’t wait, because there is only 1. Click the link below to make the package yours.

Click to grab this deal

package deal june

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