The key to the shop + Confidence Manifesto

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If you’ve tried to get into the shop recently, you’ve discovered that’s it’s locked. That’s right, the shop is no longer wide open to the public, you have to gave a special access code to get in.

There is a purpose and story behind this decision… that’s for another day.

Today I’m writing to give you the key to the shop, plus some extra goodies. I’m super thankful to have you as a customer, and I want to be sure that I’m taking care of you and providing you with a great experience ( that’s part the reason that the shop is going on lock down)

One of the big goals behind creating my scarves is to give you a go to accessory that makes you feel more confident. We all have those days where we need a little extra help to stand up tall, and to make the tough decisions. The concept of confidence spurred me to write and share the Confidence Manifesto with you.

amber kane confidence manifesto


Get the full Manifesto here + the key to the shop + a surprise bonus:  

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Failing and Rising in life: permission to fail

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While teaching, I’ve been talking a lot about making mistakes and starting over. I find that in the classroom students rarely want to start over. They seem to think that they need to get it right the first time or not at all.

I shared that all good artist make a ton of work that no one ever sees.

Pablo Picasso produced about twenty thousand pieces of art

­ Albert Einstein wrote more than 240 scientific papers

­ Johann Sebastian Bach composed a cantata every week

­ Thomas Edison Filed over one thousand patents

­ Richard Branson started 250 companies

­ Joyce Carol Oats published forty­ five novels, thirty­ nine story collections, eight poetry collections, five dramas, and nine essay collections


While in college our pottery professor told us to break out bad work, to ensure that no one ever saw or used it.

For a brief moment failure felt wonderful, it felt free, I was liberated.  It felt so good to throw dishes  and hear them crashing into the ground. I highly recommend that you try it.

Recently I was cleaning the studio, and I threw piles of scarves away.  ( don’t start stalking my house and going through my trash.)

Throwing the first one out was hard, and then it felt okay, and finally it felt liberating. I was letting go of pieces that just didn’t work. I was giving myself permission to make mistakes, big, bad , ugly ones that I couldn’t save. I gave myself permission to fail over and over again.

And then I forgot, that failing is good. This seems to be lesson that I have to keep learning.

Say it with me:

You might fail, it’s okay

It might not work, do it anyway

I’ve been thinking a lot about failure lately, and our mindset around we. In school we learn that failure is bad and to avoid it at all cost. But outside of school I’m realizing that failure usually isn’t that bad, unless we make it be.

Almost everything that great that I’ve made, started from solving a failure.

I tried a lot of designs, they didn’t work

I tried to save them, and made them worse

I spent a lot of money , and did a big show, and didn’t make as much money as I wanted

I meant to leave my teaching job, but I didn’t

These aren’t really failures, at least not the negative, horrible, hate yourself kind. They’re the kind that come with living fully.

I”m not sure that you can reach your full potential without falling a few times. If you’re not failing, then you’re not daring enough, you’re not pushing boundaries, you’re staying safe.

While safe feels good, sometimes oh so very good. It’s boring.

And so each one of us will fall and together we will rise .

I have a new perspective on my teaching and my purpose, and continue to work to allow myself to fail and fail miserably in the studio. ( it’s very possible that’s happening right now) I”m sure I  will all fall many more times, and I will get back up, and each time it will be with more grace and beauty.

Please join me.

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It’s okay to be smart

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I often share student quotes on my facebook page. It’s a way to give the world a glimpse into the classroom, and make people smile.

Yesterday I posted this:

while learning about creating visual texture:

student: is mine good?

me: Do you have at least 2 textures?

student: I think

me: What are they

student: a scarf

me: what texture is that?

student: I don’t know

me: What does a scarf feel like?

student: soft

so your texture is soft, what’s your other texture?

student: black

me: black is a color

student: mountains

me: mountains are not a texture, what do mountains feel like?

student: rough

me: so your 2 textures are soft and rough

the art of patience and questioning…now I’m going to have some wine

Many comments followed, and as I read and responded to them, I began to really think about why this conversation happened. While in my mind women have progressed, we’ve been liberated, and are equal to our male counter parts, when I stand in the classroom, all too often I realize that’s not true.

Students wonder why my husband and I don’t have children. We’ve been married for 7 years, which means to them that we should have children. I honestly and simply respond, we’ve decided that we don’t want kids. This response causes many more hands to raise, it’s as though they’re unaware that having children is a choice.

Yesterday a male student asked what my husband was like.

Me: what do you mean?

him: is he really tall?

me: no, he’s actually shorter than me.

student: wow, that must be rough, is he at least really buff?

me: Yes, but I”m not sure why that matters.

him: he is artsy or into sports?

me: why can’t it be both? He’s both very athletic and enjoys cooking.

When my husband shares that he does the cooking, cleaning, and laundry, he his met with great praise, often times followed by, what does your wife do? On the flip side, if I were to cook, clean and do the laundry ( as most people seem to think that I should) no one would praise me, or ask what my husband does.


So it appears that we haven’t come as far as I thought.

Back to the student quote. I watch female students pretend that they are unintelligent, or at least less intelligent than their male classmates. And after pretending for long enough, it becomes a part of who they are. They lose themselves, as they attempt to become who they believe they are to be.

And for this reason alone we need more confident, powerful women, sharing their stories. Being vulnerable and telling the truth.


Leave a comment sharing what makes you feel confident

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Amber Kane leads a Double Life

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Most of the time I write about the design and fashion part of my life, and leave the teaching part out. However, often these two worlds collide. One of the biggest rewards from growing my scarf business has been sharing the lessons and skills that I”m learning with my students and seeing their excitement.

It’s easy to ignore the little things, like being featured in the school newspaper, but I must admit, I was flattered, and am just as proud of this as much of the other press I’ve landed.





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Stop Buying Local

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buy local


For the last several years there’s been a big push to buy local, and it’s been even stronger within the arts community. During this time of year my facebook feed is flooded with signs, photos, and notes about the importance of buying local so that the money stays within our community. This has never felt right to me.


After a lot of thought and conversation, I realized it didn’t sit well with me, because it felt selfish, it felt like saying that I cared that my community was thriving, but I didn’t care about yours. And the truth is, I do care about you and your community, and I hope that you care about mine. The focus needs to shift from self, to a global community, where we all support each other. ( I know I might be dreaming here, but that’s what I do. I leave the realistic approach to my husband.)

We need to put down the buy local flags and raise the fight for fair wages, safe working conditions and the support of mankind banners.  There are some talented people and businesses within my community, and do I support them, yes, but I support them because of the value that they bring to the world, not simply because they are my neighbor. And the same goes for when I purchase from a company in California, or an artist in Africa. The world is small, we’re all neighbors. Let’s get behind a campaign of supporting and purchasing from businesses and people that add value no matter where they live.

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How to be social as an introvert

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Can I tell you something that you probably don’t know about me? I’m an introvert, you’re surprised right?

When people learn that I’m a teacher, meet me at a show or hear me speak at an event, they assume that I’m an extrovert. And I know why, I”m confident, can be outspoken, and look at ease in front of a group of people.

While I’m totally comfortable standing in front of a room full of people, send me to a cocktail party, where I know no one, and watch me hide in the corner and squirm. Can you relate? I hate it, I’m uncomfortable, unsure of what do to do, and would rather be at home making scarves.

Well without a ton of thought I committed to going to Simply Stylist New York, a networking event for women. The morning began with 70 women milling around a room, having drinks, and me wanted to crawl under the table, but that felt inappropriate.


There were some important women at this event like Catt Sadler of E- news, and I knew that talking to them could lead to a huge break in my career.

So how did I get myself out of the corner and instead chatting with my arm around Catt Sadler?

First, I was clear on my goals before going to the event.

More women like you need to know about my work, and this was a great way to spread the world. My goal is for all women to be confident enough to speak up, and do what they love. ( looks like I needed to take my own advice)


Second, I dressed for success. No, I didn’t go crazy over the top. I stuck to what I liked, and what is true to my style. Then I put on an awesome scarf, knowing that it would catch people’s attention and that it would start a conversation so that I didn’t have to.

And with that I started talking, asking questions, telling stories, and having fun.

You too, have things that make you nervous, scare you, and hold you back.

But they’re keeping you from greatness, and the world needs you.

Make conversation easy, by allowing your scarf to break through all of the uncomfortable moments.


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Why you should stop trying to live a balanced life

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work life balance


Yesterday an Art Education student from Messiah College interviewed me about being a teacher and an artist. One of the questions that she asked was how I balance teaching, making art, and life. My gut response was, ” I don’t”. She looked at me a bit confused. I continued, people that want to make an impact aren’t living “balanced lives.” They’re going, full force ahead into their mission, dream, business. When we think of people living balanced lives we seem to have a picture in our minds of someone successfully juggling work, kids, marriage, free time, hobbies, exercise, and who knows what else.

Their arms and legs are doing a dance trying to keep everything moving and in the air.

work life balance

To me balance looks like someone standing on two feet. Standing firm, knowing who you are, where you’re going and what balls you want to drop. Knowing what things you need to let others do, and what doesn’t need to be perfect.

My bed is never made, my laundry rarely put away, and I’m okay with that.

How balance is looked at and understood, needs to change. Right now people are chasing after something that doesn’t exist.

A balanced life needs to be about standing up. Standing Firm, Standing for the things that keep you up at night, that get your heart pounding. Do those things, and let the rest drop.

Stand Firm. Stand Tall. Stand up. Balance works best with two feet on the ground.

Work life balance

Leave a comment letting me know what balance means to you.

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