Surprising Transformation

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Why don’t you become a realtor?

That’s what my husband asked me last week. This seemed like an odd question to me. He continued, you seem to love looking at houses.

He’s right, I do love looking at them, and dreaming about what they could become. I don’t like looking at any old house. I like looking at houses that are falling apart, that have been neglected and ignored, and then I like to figure out how to make them beautiful again.


As I walked from room to room of a 100 year old home, that’s been sitting empty for years, I started to dream, plan, and envision what once was, and what it could be. It was apparent that the realtor and I , though in the same home, were not seeing the same thing, we were looking at two different houses( much like when my husband and I look at homes, I see the potential, he sees the flaws, which is actually a good balance.)

What I learned most from my love affair with crumbling homes, is that in all that I do, my connection is the process, and my drive is to take something, make it beautiful, and create a welcoming and inspiring space.


I’m interested in the transformation.

Now, it may seem like I just compared you to a 100 year old home, but, before you smack me, I”m not. I”m also not saying that you ugly, you’re not.

That’s why I love textiles, they create fast and easy transformation.

– Throw a scarf on your table ( making it a table runner), and watch your table transform.

– Put a few great pillows in your living room, and watch your old couch take on a new life.

– Drape your favorite textile over a chair, bench, or coffee table, and WA LA… magic

– Add a great scarf to your outfit, and just like, you’re whole look is transformed.


Start your transformation


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pillows by amber kane

The future of interior design

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pillow collagepillows by amber kane

Seemingly out of nowhere I had the urge to make some pillows, so of course that’s what I did. Who would ignore such an urge, right? ( or maybe strange things entertain me, but you benefit, because soon, very soon, you’ll be able to have these awesome pillows in your house)

Years ago, I told my husband that I wanted to build a pillow pit in our house. If you’re anything like him, you’re thinking, what the heck is a pillow pit?

Let me tell you, it’s where your floor slides up to reveal a deep pit of pillows that you and your friends or just you, your dog, glass of wine, and perfect book can dive into. It’s the most comfortable, cozy, dreamworld, that has yet to be invented. ( or at least I’ve yet to discover one)

If you’re an interior designer or architect, you need to get on this. Pillow pits will be the next big trend, and if you’re one of the first, well you’re going to make it big. ( I”m not actually sure that this is going to happen, however, it would be wonderful if it did.)

Start your pillow pit collection with these limited edition pillows. 

Sign up and be the first to know when the new line of pillows hits the shop:

amber kane painted pillowpreview (2)pillow by amber kane

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Everyday’s a dance party

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I don’t actually know why I started dancing, but I did, and I’m having fun.

Every morning I start my day by creating a schedule, and this week I added dancing to the mix. ( I highly recommend it)

Believe me, it’s not good or pretty. But it’s fun and my cat is the only one present for the performance, so it doesn’t matter.

In fact, I make the cat dance with me, my husband doubts that she enjoys this activity, but I”m sticking to the fact that my pets love any activity that involves hanging out with me.

I promise not to make you dance or even worse have you watch me dance, but you’re invited to come and hang out at the following events.


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stop doing list

Stop checking email and start laying in the sun, here’s how.

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Slowly, but surely I’ve been losing myself, and becoming a grown up.

I’m not sure if was turning thirty or the piece of mail sent to me addressed to Mrs. Daniel Kane, that brought this to light.

Or perhaps it was a combination of time off work, sunshine, warm weather, and wine that set me lose.

Whatever the cause, a sudden new rebel seemed to spring forth over the weekend.

I was drinking my second cup of coffee, and it was time to head out for our morning hike. I finished telling my husband that I don’t like drinking coffee out of traveling mugs, and proceeded to the car with my coffee in a lidless mug.

By the look on his face, I could tell that he disapproved, but it was my birthday, so he was trying to let it slide.

My hands full of too many things, I began to climb into the car, and of course, dripped some coffee. He couldn’t hold it anymore

” I knew you were going to spill that.”

Me: I think I missed the seat, and besides, the taste and experience of a great cup of coffee in the perfect mug , is so much better than always having clean car seats.  ( this felt like a logical argument)

I continued drinking my coffee, and he took the corners a little slower.

Or maybe it was the taste of the fresh air, and the freedom that I felt while hiking. I was skipping, talking to both real and imaginary goats, greeting horses, pretending that I was a shepard, and carefully examining each lovely patch of moss, knowing that I would find the perfect patch.

My legs were tired, the sun was bright,  the moss  just right.

As usual my husband was blazing the trail in front of me, I didn’t care. I stopped and right then and there laid down on the moss in the middle of the trail. Then I made my husband join me, he was reluctant as most adults would be when being told to lay down in the dirt, but he joined anyway.

be willing to be who you are

Be willing to be who you are. Click to tweet

It can be hard, we have jobs, families, responsibilities, and sometimes we just want to kick up our heels, and be, well, irresponsible.

Sometimes we want to wear jeans to work, when our boss says that we have to wear slacks: put on your jeans

Sometimes we want to ignore our email and go and lay in the sun: give yourself an hour in the sun, your email responses will be sooo much better

Sometimes, okay lot’s of times, we have the urge to buy expensive, coffee, because it makes us feel so good. Buy the coffee

While listening to Danielle LaPorte , she shared her idea of making a stop doing list, it sounded wonderful, so I dove in and wrote one.

stop doing list

It can be all too easy to create to-do list, today let’s create a stop doing list; here’s mine

1. stop checking email when I don’t have time to respond

2. stop skipping workouts ( even if it’s only 15 minutes, I need to make time to move)

3. Stop doubting myself

4. Stop waiting until the last minute to buy gifts ( which means that I need to get on my Mother’s Day shopping)

5. Stop comparing myself to others

6. Stop putting off starting

7. Stop allowing facebook, email, and twitter to intrude on my studio time

8. Stop willingly giving into resistance

9. Stop Expecting things to make sense ( this is going to a tough one…. I probably won’t succeed, but it’s a good reminder)


stop doing list

Leave a comment and share your stop doing list.




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black and white handwoven cotton scarf by amber kane

My Creative process: You have to win the battle to get to the Dance

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I went through a phase where I made myself weave everyday, where I simplified the work, and thought about how to price it for stores.

That was boring

I stopped weaving for 2 months. ( for those of you that know me, that’s huge, that’s a long time.)



Then the voices started to come back, they started to whisper ideas. I ignored them……

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Until I couldn’t



They got louder, more persistent, and demanding. 

I went into the studio, sat down, fell into bliss and wove with pure freedom.

Two beautiful scarves came off of the loom. The muse had my attention.

She started to get pushy

Wanted to take me farther

She was pushing me into fear



I left the studio and returned to reading and watching movies in bed. This wasn’t blissful, but it was easy, safe, and didn’t require much of me.

The muse, wouldn’t stop, wouldn’t let me off the hook.

Back into the studio I went, back into a dance with bliss and fear.

This is my process:


I only show you the dance

black and white handwoven cotton scarf by amber kane


But you should know that if you want to create, really create, you’re going to have to battle, and you’re going to have to fight the battle hard, really hard if you ever want to get to the dance.

You can now find these scarves in the secret shop. Click to head over and get the perfect scarf, and be sure to use the buttons below to share this with your friends.  


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Looking fear in the face, and stepping forward

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amber kane handwoven scarves

I made a big decision, took a leap , and when I said yes,  it was bliss, i felt free.

I shared with the world, or at least all those who follow me on social media, that i was becoming a gallery owner, with this came lots of likes and words of encouragement, and then thoughts of failure started to creep into my mind.

I heard myself saying this will either be a very public success of a very public failure. luckily i didn’t allow my thoughts to stop there.

the truth is, we’ve gotten a very warped sense of what failure is, we’ve learned that failing is  always bad. failure is only bad, when you fail because you did not try, you didn’t rise, you didn’t give it your all.

therefore this will be a very public success. period

amber kane handwoven scarves

With most things I dive head first, minus my dusting ability which my mom always told me was “ half-assed” and she was right. Little did she know, so was my vacuuming, I was just more skilled at faking it. She would tell me that I was to vacuum my room, I would put it off, then I would hear the fateful garage door opening, signaling that she was home from work, and I was out of time. I didn’t want to get into trouble, but at this point actually vacuuming the floor was out of the question.

Instead, I would quickly pick up any noticeable “dirt” and  run my fingers up and down the carpet creating vertical lines that looked very much like I had vacuumed, it worked every time. ( I’m only revealing this secret now, because I no longer live at home, and my current house is mainly made up of hardwood floors which my  husband graciously cleans)

amber kane handwoven scarf and black and white tunic


The only way that my gallery owning adventure would be a public failure is :

1. if I didn’t even try, if I saw the dream laying before me and I walked away because I was too afraid ( I considered doing this for a few days)

2. If I signed the lease and then kicked up my feet and hoped that magically the money would start pouring in.

3. If I was so afraid of failing publicly that, I kept the gallery a secret.

I”m already well on my way to success. I said yes, I shared it with the world, and two days in already launched into full blown planning mode, and created my dream kids summer art classes.

Failing only happens when you don’t try. The rest is the story of a life fully lived.

154 N prince St, amber Kane gallery

154 N Prince St Lancaster, Pa. See you there.

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Welcome to the Narnia: the secret scarf shop

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You’re probably wondering, why the secret scarf shop? Why now, why at all? I admit for a brief moment I too thought that I might be losing my mind. Really who restricts access to their shop? Then I remembered my dream of uncovering secret spaces, and knew that I didn’t have a choice.

Growing up there was a tiny door in one of the bedrooms of my grandmother’s house, we were always told that we were not allowed to open that door, and surprisingly I listened. I never saw what was behind the door, but I imagined. There were many wonderful worlds just beyond that tiny door.

I read the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and began to dream that perhaps if I found the right closet I too, could be transported to Narnia , oh how wonderful that would be.

My mom took us to visit a Gnome Village, while I was under 5 years of age, I still have faint memories of the magic of the place. This led my brother and I to believe that gnomes lived in a tree in our backyard.

Are you noticing a theme. I love secret spaces, and I’m pretty sure that you do too.

When my husband and I started looking for houses, I would pretend that we would buy one and then discover a secret tunnel that led to another space. A space filled with wonderful furniture, luscious clothing, books, diaries, and enough money for us to travel the world. We bought a house, and shortly after discovered that there were hardwood floors covered by the beige carpet. With great excitement I began to pull the edges of the carpet back.

Then, I saw it. A small space where the floor boards were cut, it looked like they could be removed. Ahh, my dream was coming true, this was going to lead to a secret space. I wiggeled and giggeled those boards until I could move them and expose the opening in the floor.

It led to the basement.



                                                                                                it was fun for a moment.

So last week as I set and dreamt of uncovering secret spaces, I began to think about how I could create more of a magical space for you. In my dreams I own a shop, with secret layer upon secret layer. And with each tunnel, and slide that you go through you’re  welcomed to a new world, and new scarves. Really I wish that I could bring you inside of my head, because it’s pretty darn cool.

At the moment, I don’t own a space let alone one with all kinds of secret tunnels and slides, but I do own an online shop, and I want to make it magical. So the first step was to make it secret. To make a space for only those that truly love everything that’s inside.

So welcome to the secret scarf shop. I’ll see you inside.



Click to get the key plus some goodies

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