What is your Theme?

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Photo by Ramshackle Glam
Photo by Ramshackle Glam

I”m aware that it’s almost mid January, how in the world did that happen? But we’re going to talk about resolutions or lack there of. I’ve never been big into making resolutions, in fact, for many years the new year came and went, and that was that.

A few years ago, when I wasn’t feeling so inspired to teach, but I needed to teach, I started selecting a theme for the year. The purpose of the theme was to get me inspired, focused, and give me some kind of goal. And IT WORKED.

This year, I decided that I wasn’t just going to pick a theme for my teaching,  I wanted to pick a theme that could carry into everything that I do, that could give all my life focus and direction, and give me something clear to track.

Here’s why I like theme’s way more than resolutions.

So often when we make a resolution, we’re setting ourselves up to fail. We’re acting like if we make this resolution everything is just going to fall inline and we’re going to be able to do this thing.

Here’s an example. For years my husband and I worked out together ( we actually met at the gym, he was the personal trainer), so it’s fitting that exercise has always been a part of our lives and our relationship. Then three years ago, when I decided that I was going to quit my job, which set whole lot of things into motion, I stopped working out, because there just wasn’t time.

Fast forward to now, life has settled down a bit, I’ve realized that I’ve gotten a lot weaker, and I don’t like. I don’t like asking for help to carry things or open jars. While I love that my husband is here to help, I like to feel like I do things if he weren’t around.  So I asked if we could start working out again, 15 minutes a day, short and simple. So we started, and we were doing great, having fun, making progress. ( I went from doing 2 push ups to 3… I told you, I got weak). And then I got sick and just wasn’t feeling like getting out of bed to work out 6am, and out the window it went. If working out was a resolution, I’d already feel like a failure. Because the thing is, life happens, it gets in the way of our best intentions, and when we feel like a failure, it’s harder to restart.

So I pick a theme, because you can’t really fail at your theme. You’re taking steps towards it everyday, just some days those steps are bigger than others.

My theme for the year is communication. You may be thinking, how in the world does that relate to style, and I”m thinking , ” OH MY GOODNESS IT RELATES IN SO MANY WAYS. ”

Here’s the deal, your clothes, they speak. In fact they speak for you, before you have a chance to utter a word, and it’s pretty darn powerful when your clothes are saying, what you actually want them to be saying.

I want my clothes to say “

I’m strong

I’m independent

I’m creative

I’m playful and fun

I’m in charge

What we want our clothes to say changes can change by the day and situation ( I’m not trying to send all of the above messages at once), but it’s fun and empowering way to get ready in the morning.

You’re style impacts how you are treated. It communicates.

Today I have two questions for you. 

  1. What is your style saying right now?
  2.  What do you want your style to say?

Share your answers with me + stay tuned to learn how to make your style say what you want it to say.

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