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Festive Animal Lover


Get a little playful with your look, by adding a printed T, to a skirt. It’s a nice balance of dressy and casual, and is perfect for the morning when you realize that none of your work clothes are clean. Grab that T-shirt, throw on a scarf, and walk out the door, feeling both confident and comfortable. And yes, if you don’t own a blanket scarf, well let me tell you, you need one. It makes everything better, well almost everything.

It might not fix your day in the event that you unknowingly packed your phone in a package, and then dropped off said package at the post office. Because even though the postal workers can hear your phone ringing in the box, they aren’t allowed to open that box. ( Yes, that’s a bad day, that snuggling with a scarf might not fix, but you would never do such a crazy thing…. right?)



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