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Walking with heels on uneven sidewalks.

I was about 20 feet outside of the building, and crack. I hit some uneven sidewalk, my ankle turned, turned even farther because of course I wasn’t wearing flats, and then I heard that horrible crack/pop, that let’s you know that you REALLY twisted your ankle.

At this point I was still a mile away from home, and when I walk, I like to walk fast and with confidence, giving off the don’t mess with me vibe. This seemed like it might be a challenge, as a hobbled down the street. But I got my act together, and walked like I wasn’t wearing wedges with a twisted ankle.

As my husband watched me limp around the house, I was embarrassed to recount that this happened because of an uneven sidewalk, not because I was scaling a fence, saving a child from oncoming traffic, or doing an amazing dance move.

It made me feel old. I don’t usually think a lot about my age, it’s just a number…. right?

It is, but it’s a pretty great number when I put a percentage sign behind it, and then tell you that that’s the discount that you’re going to get.

Because it’s my party, and I can’t dance with a twisted ankle, but I can give you 32% off of your entire order.

This is a one day sale on April 18th. I’ll be adding a few more pieces, but wanted to give you a heads up so that you don’t miss out.

PS: I’ve started making scarves for walls, which some people call wall hangings. These are great for your home and office. If you’d like one in your choice of colors, hit reply and let me know.

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