How to design a scarf

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Q: Do you draw your scarf designs before you weave them?

A: No. It’s only recently that I started drawing the scarves at all, which started off more as a doodle, and turned into something that I find very calming and meditative, and a fun addition to the photos of the scarves. While it may seem a bit out of order, it’s the process that works for me.
Stay tuned for what happens if I draw the scarf before weaving it.

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Q: How do you come up with your scarf designs?

A: ( The short answer) An idea/ design, gets into my head, and bounces around, and around , and around. I make it once it gets stuck, once it gets noisy, and I can’t stop thinking about, then I know that it’s ready. ( I’m aware that this makes me sound a bit crazy) I make it because I need it to get out of my head.

So here is the answer as to why I don’t draw them first. I’ve discovered that if I draw the design, I never end up making it, because the act of drawing it, gets it out of my head, and allows room for a new design to take it’s place.

Whereas I do the drawings, as a form of meditation, and relaxation.

Q: How long does it take you to make a scarf?

A: it depends… But I watched about 4 episodes of Wentworth on Netflix

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