Welcome to the Narnia: the secret scarf shop

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You’re probably wondering, why the secret scarf shop? Why now, why at all? I admit for a brief moment I too thought that I might be losing my mind. Really who restricts access to their shop? Then I remembered my dream of uncovering secret spaces, and knew that I didn’t have a choice.

Growing up there was a tiny door in one of the bedrooms of my grandmother’s house, we were always told that we were not allowed to open that door, and surprisingly I listened. I never saw what was behind the door, but I imagined. There were many wonderful worlds just beyond that tiny door.

I read the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and began to dream that perhaps if I found the right closet I too, could be transported to Narnia , oh how wonderful that would be.

My mom took us to visit a Gnome Village, while I was under 5 years of age, I still have faint memories of the magic of the place. This led my brother and I to believe that gnomes lived in a tree in our backyard.

Are you noticing a theme. I love secret spaces, and I’m pretty sure that you do too.

When my husband and I started looking for houses, I would pretend that we would buy one and then discover a secret tunnel that led to another space. A space filled with wonderful furniture, luscious clothing, books, diaries, and enough money for us to travel the world. We bought a house, and shortly after discovered that there were hardwood floors covered by the beige carpet. With great excitement I began to pull the edges of the carpet back.

Then, I saw it. A small space where the floor boards were cut, it looked like they could be removed. Ahh, my dream was coming true, this was going to lead to a secret space. I wiggeled and giggeled those boards until I could move them and expose the opening in the floor.

It led to the basement.



                                                                                                it was fun for a moment.

So last week as I set and dreamt of uncovering secret spaces, I began to think about how I could create more of a magical space for you. In my dreams I own a shop, with secret layer upon secret layer. And with each tunnel, and slide that you go through you’re  welcomed to a new world, and new scarves. Really I wish that I could bring you inside of my head, because it’s pretty darn cool.

At the moment, I don’t own a space let alone one with all kinds of secret tunnels and slides, but I do own an online shop, and I want to make it magical. So the first step was to make it secret. To make a space for only those that truly love everything that’s inside.

So welcome to the secret scarf shop. I’ll see you inside.



Click to get the key plus some goodies

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