What are your kids doing this summer?

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Are you looking for fun and education activities for your child this summer? Or a place for your child to go and explore their creativity? If you answered yes, keep reading.

Where: Ananda Studio: 115 Cumberland Parkway Mechanicsburg

When: June 17, 18, 19, and 20 from 9-12 pm

Cost: $100.00

When you sign your child up for Summer Camp you will get the following:

1. Some free time to work out or run errands

2. Your child will be able to work with the following materials, polymer clay, crochet, shrinky dink, and experience photography through sun prints.

3. Be taught by a certified art teacher and artist

4. Will end the camp with 4 completed projects


If I were guess your top 10 questions are:

1. My child has special needs, do you have experience with these type of students?
2. What if my child is more advanced than the others in class?
3. Is there a materials cost?
4. Can someone other than myself pick up my child?
5. Do I get a refund if my child misses a class?
6. What if I”m late picking up my child?
7. 3 hours is a long time, how will the time be broken down?
8. Who are you and why should we trust you with our children?
9. What if I need to reach you during class?
10. My child needs to take meds during this time, is this okay?

So here’s how I can clear those up for you.

1. As a certified teacher I have experience working with students of all ages and needs. Just make me aware of any issues and I”ll work with you and your child.

2. I”m used to working with large groups of students at all levels. I”ll adjust each project to meet your childs level.

3.  To make life easy the cost of materials is factored into the course

4. If you wish for someone else to pick up your child, you’ll need to be sure that I”m aware of the arrangment ahead of time.

5. Since your child is taking a seat in the class and materials are purchased in advance there will be no refund if your child misses a day. However, I will provide you with instructions and the materials that we used.

6. It’s extremely important that you arrive on time to pick up your child. If you’re more than 10 minutes late you will be charged $25.oo per half hour.

7. The time will be broken up with stories, visuals, movement, and creating

8. To learn more about me: http://amberkane.com/about/

9, I’ll have my cell phone with me the whole time, so if you need me, just call

10. As long as you provide me with the medication and instructions, I will be sure that your child gets their meds when needed.


How to Sign up

It’s easy, simply click here and fill out the request information. Within the hour you will receive a follow up email with payment information and some questions about your child.

A week before class you will receive a reminder email. And after each class you’ll receive a brief email about what we did that day with a few photos.

You need to sign up now because there are only 10 seats open, and you don’t want your child to miss this great experience.


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