How I make a Scarf : Welcome to my studio

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I don’t know about you, but I love getting to see into the offices and studios of people’s work that I love. Last week, Marie Forleo pulled back the curtain and let everyone see her office space… or her living room and kitchen! It was really cool to see that she is running a hugely successful business  by sitting with her laptop in the comfort of her own home.

So today, I’m welcoming you into my studio, and giving you a little weaving lesson. No worries, you won’t be tested at the end. Grab your coffee, and get ready to watch what I like to call, my muse and I workin’ some magic!

amber kane handwoven cotton scarf



My tools:

I wish that I could say that I have an extremely organized system, but I don’t. My main go to tools are or course my Nilus Leclerc floor loom. Other tools that I use a lot, a shuttle, bobbins, yarn (lots of it) and crochet hooks.

I make an effort to keep a basket on the floor right beside my loom that has the main essentials for weaving. I keep my shuttle, empty bobbins, a comb, scissors, and my crochet hooks in the basket. I like to have everything out in the open where I can see it and grab it as I go. Why a comb you may ask. When putting the yarn onto the loom it tends to a get tangled. The easiest way to smooth the tangles is to simply comb it like you would your hair.

I buy almost all of my yarn from a local shop called The Mannings. It’s a dream come true for any yarn lover. I also pick up random materials here and there as I see them and think that they could add an interesting texture or design to a scarf


Amber Kane Studiofeb

So Tell me what surprised you? What did you learn? No really, tell me!

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84 thoughts on “How I make a Scarf : Welcome to my studio

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  2. Amber…I can’t make your shows this summer 🙁
    But would love to see some of the pieces you will be selling…can I find them anywhere on your website!?? Blessings….. Sheri

  3. That is an awesome video! One thing I learned, discharge paste for design purposes. Would this work on my felted handbags? Tempted to try and would like to know where to buy the paste or could I try a bit of yours on a test sample. I hate to buy something if its something I may not want to use, however, it might be a fun technique to incorporate.

  4. Amber…thank you and if you are going to be at the meeting Monday, would you mind if I tried a bit of yours. Just a small amt. perhaps the size of a baby food jar or smaller. I have some older work that I could test it on and some samples of nuno felt scarves too. Thanks again!

  5. I actually won’t be at the meeting on Monday, just too much going on at the moment. You’re welcome to swing by my house and pick some up if you wish.

  6. Hi Amber…..I am totally impressed with all that you have to do to make a scarf! I had no idea it took that much time and work. I am going to your website…I want to see all your beautiful scarves!

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